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Automatic Provider Detection

The system automatically detects and analyzes records from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, MetroPCS, Cricket, T-Mobile, etc.

UTC Conversion

Our built-in time converter easily converts UTC time to your desired time zone.

Device Compatibility

Use from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Call Mapping

View graphical representations of the movement of the cell phone in Terrain, Satellite and Street Map views.

Call History

Graphically displays history of all incoming and outgoing phone numbers according to call frequency.

Call Duration History

Graphically displays the call duration of calls made/received.

Cell Tower Call History

Graphically displays the call history according to cell towers utilized.

Map Date Range Filter

Allows specific dates/times to be designated so only that information is displayed on map.

First/Last Analysis

View calls and towers at the beginning and end of each day.

Time Line View

View calls and towers in a horizontal time line view.

Custom Labels

Add your own labels to designate who specific phone numbers and addresses belong to.

Call Sector Display

View sectors and their orientation and coverage.

“I can upload the phone records and the program sorts what events are reliable. The actions are automatic and the system is intuitive and easy to use.”

~ Detective, San Antonio Police Department